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Spring 2008 Cover Art

This model is Marie Vlahos, who was a student in one of my rigid-heddle classes.  The instant I saw her I thought "that's the WeaveZine look!"  I was too chicken to ask her to model then (and really, it would have been inappropriate during the class) but fate was looking out for me, and just when I really needed to find a way to get in touch with her, I bumped into her at a yarn store.

Asking her to model was one of the most nerve-wracking parts of starting up the magazine.  I mean, there's no credible way to say: "I'm not a lech, truly."  And at that point there was no website to point to to prove WeaveZine was (going to be) a real magazine.  But I must have looked harmless because she agreed to do the shoot.

She was wonderful to work with.  I had no idea how to photograph anyone at this point (having just barely figured out all the dials on my camera) but she was a natural.  In this image I asked her to give me a mischevious grin.  Didn't she pull it off marvelously?