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This is where you can find the archived articles from WeaveZine, the one-time online magazine for weavers. WeaveZine is no longer in production, but as weaving is timeless, so is the content within this archive.

Confluence Skirt

As a professional tailor, I like to make clothes that fit well.  For this design, I also wanted to create a pattern that would help weavers who were new to sewing get over their fear of cuttin Read more >>

Honeycomb Spot Bronson on Two Shafts

Only have two shafts on your loom?

You can weave more than plain weave!

Venture into historic Honeycomb Spot Bronson; it's a technique that will stretch your loom’s capacity, and make it possible to weave richly textured cloth using only two shafts. Read more >>

Teddy Bear's Picnic

This whimsical project was inspired by the song "Teddy Bear's Picnic," whose charming lyrics were written by British songwriter Jimmy Kennedy in 1932.

To paraphrase slightly...

If you go into the woods today, you'd better take your potholder loom! Read more >>

Weaving Beads into Cloth

There are several ways to weave beads into your cloth. Depending on the scale and contrast of the beads, the results can be subtle or dramatic.

Weaving with beads strung onto the weft is easy and suitable for both beginning and experienced weavers. Best of all, you can use this technique with any type of loom. Read more >>

Baa Humbug!

I love taqueté, the works of Charles Dickens, and a good pun!

For the curmudgeons among us I present the "Baa Humbug" bookmark, featuring a festive sheep and a musical little bug.

Feeling the holiday spirit this year? Then try the more classic bookmark: "Wreath and Presents." Read more >>

Plain Weave Variations

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When I told my friends I was writing an article on plain weave, they gasped: "But you have a 24–shaft computerized loom! You can weave any structure you like!  Why are you writing an article on plain weave?"

The answer is simple; there's nothing plain about plain weave!
  Read more >>

Down the Garden Path with Rosepath

These fingertip towels are woven in plain weave with Rosepath borders. With a four-shaft loom and a little imagination, you can create all kinds of border designs. And with more than four shafts, the designs can be even more elaborate.
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