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This is where you can find the archived articles from WeaveZine, the one-time online magazine for weavers. WeaveZine is no longer in production, but as weaving is timeless, so is the content within this archive.

Inkle-Woven Shoelaces

Having a mother who is a professional weaver (Daryl Lancaster), makes it hard to avoid the textile world. 

A couple of years ago,  I sat in on an inkle-loom class my mom taught at Peter’s Valley.  I was getting bored, as thirteen-year-olds do, so I decided to play around with a narrow warp... Read more >>

Weaving on an Inkle Loom

There are a myriad uses for narrow inkle bands: trim, ties, straps, laces, etc.

If you're inkle weaving for the first time, this article will help you get started. More experienced weavers will find the list of project ideas at the end full of enticing possibilities. Read more >>

Scandinavian Tape Looms

Wandering around the Norsk Folke Museum's website, I discovered their collection of three hundred båndgrind, or rigid-heddle looms.  I was intrigued to see that some of the rigid heddles had more than one set of holes drilled in them. Read more >>

Florida Fantasy

I love to wear handwoven clothing when I teach. For my workshop at Convergence in Tampa, I wanted something fun, colorful, and tropical.

My class was “Software, Structure and Design," so I thought a garment that exemplified those three elements would be fantastic. Read more >>

Woven-Fabric Tote

When I took a beginning weaving class earlier this year, little did I realize that I'd be bit by the weaving bug!

I bought a rigid-heddle loom and became engrossed with pushing the boundaries of this simple, yet versatile, loom. Read more >>

Leaf, Cabbage and Rose

This project started with a friend’s  birthday wish for a classy bag to carry her art supplies.

I wanted to create something unique that would use items already in my stash and—where I had to buy new— would support local shops in my small home town. Since the two independently owned craft stores in my town sell quilting supplies, it was clear fabric would play a large part...
  Read more >>

Spiral Zipper Bag

Years ago I discovered a small zipper bag in a Fair Trade shop.

It was cleverly constructed: a braided band sewn to a long zipper in a spiral. Zipped shut it was a handy bag; unzipped it was one long strip. Read more >>

Saucy Scallops

One of the things that mystifies new weavers is the phenomena of draw in.

They weave a nice fabric with lovely straight edges, and when it comes off the loom and away from tension, it gets narrower and shorter. Then when it goes into the water for wet finishing it gets even smaller. What happened? Read more >>

Tablet-Woven Brocade

Brocade uses a supplemental weft to create patterns or pictures in woven fabric.  I love this technique because it allows me to create bright, multi-colored images with a high degree of graphic complexity: I can make a peacock with brown wings and green tail feathers, each feather with a tiny blue eye spot; I can render the subtle shading of a moth’s wing.  I like realistic representation in my designs, and brocade does that better than any of the other techniques in my weaving arsenal.  Read more >>

Designing Your Own Projects

New weavers sometimes fall into the trap of thinking they can only weave a project that they saw in a magazine, or online, or had someone tell them how to do.

Don't get me wrong, I love projects. Sometimes I see something so gorgeous that I just want to weave one for myself, without changing a thing. Or I'm just in a mood to travel in someone else's footsteps and let them do all the sampling and calculations.

But if that's all you ever do, you're missing out on an exciting side of weaving: the thrill of exploration. Read more >>