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Warp With a Trapeze and Dance With Your Loom Using Live-Tensioned Weights

by Kati Reeder Meek

48 pages, Copyright 2005, Penannular Press International

It's rare that I run across a book that revolutionizes how I think about weaving. Warp With a Trapeze is such a book. At first glance, it is a humble, self-published monograph. When you start reading, however, you discover a treasure trove of creative weaving solutions.

Numerous step-by-step black-and-white photos and clear instructions make the ideas—some of them quite novel—easy to understand. The principal of a weaving trapeze is to stretch the warp out under tension during beaming on, so the threads stay orderly and the tension can equilibrate over the entire warp length. Ms. Meek describes how to build or improvise a warping trapeze using readily available tools and supplies.

The other main concept of the book is using live weights to maintain a consistent warp tension while weaving. This is especially important for unforgiving fibers like linen. Modern AVL looms have automatic cloth advance systems to provide a consistent tension throughout the weaving. Warp With a Trapeze shows how to get a similar consistency on any loom using a rod, some cord, and a weight.

Tucked here and there among these two ideas are other gems: ergonomics for weavers, how to cut off a sample without having to retie the warp, how to use an auto-denter, and more. Even if you have no intentions to build a trapeze, this book is full of enough good advice to make it a great addition to any weaver's library.