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Some Assembly Required...

It's here! It's here! The loom is here!

The loom almost didn't make it to my house, due to the small and winding dirt road I live on, but all came right in the end (the full story is told in the latest WeaveCast.)

Of course, the loom came the day before the September podcast was due, so I had to wait until the podcast was finished to open the boxes and ooh and ahh at the wood. (And let me tell you how hard THAT was.)

I must say, I am in luuurv. The moment I opened the box, I knew this was my loom. The beauty of buying a loom made in 1984, is that the maple wood has mellowed into a beautiful color. I am a bit of a wood snob, and I have to say that the figuring on some of the pieces sends me. It's a hard thing to capture in a casual snapshot, but take a look at this.

Tomorrow, I'm taking a free day. Putting on the latest Terry Prachett audiobook, NATION, and seeing how much of this puppy I can get through.

Should be fun!

P.S. I've already gotten one great construction tip about being careful with one of the main springs. If you've ever assembled an AVL Production Dobby Loom, or have written blog posts on your own loom raising, and have pictures or tips, please drop me a line. The AVL manual seems comprehensive, but I'm more a pictures than text kinda gal when it comes to putting things together.